We’re the Brand Manager's Secret Weapon


HeartWorks is a platform for brands and organizations who strive to create meaningful, emotional, and winning consumer connections.

We are an intentionally small, independent team of strategists, designers and writers. We specialize in building identities, by working with clients early on to help them define their brand, and partnering all the way through execution across key touch points.

By maintaining a diverse network of talented individuals, we aim to meet the specific needs of any project. Our roster includes writers, strategists, photographers, animators, filmmakers and digital technologists. This approach allows us to stay nimble while delivering world-class creative.

We love working with visionary entrepreneurs, founders, and brand ambassadors on projects and initiatives that demand fresh, and creative thinking.

We champion our clients to stand out, not just fit in. In our relentless pursuit to affect results, we always strive to create work that arrests indifference, and returns on your investment.

Successful relationships are born out of collaboration and partnership. We listen to our clients carefully and dig deep to understand their objectives and audience.

We pour our hearts into your project, stay out of the limelight, so your brand can truly shine and take the credit.


What we do


Brand Identity

Strategy & Positioning


Storytelling & Tone of Voice

Logotypes & Brand Marks

Identity Systems

Brand Guidelines


Tactile Media


Editorial Design

Book Design

Printed Materials




Graphic Environments

Retail Design


Signage & Wayfinding

Visual Communication

Creative Direction

Art Direction


Graphic Design




Digital Media

Website Strategies

Enhanced Brand Content

Advertising Campaigns

Website Design

User Interfaces

Brand Videos

Branded Social Media

Customer Acquisition
& Retention Marketing

Customer Lifecycle Campaigns




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